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Workplace:  Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and General University Hospital in Prague
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\\\'t Mannetje, A. - Brennan, P. - Zaridze, D. - Szeszenia-Dabrowska, N. - Rudnai, P. - Lissowska, J. - Fabianova, E. - Cassidy, A. - Mates, D. - Bencko, Vladimír - Foretova, L. - Janout, V. - Fevotte, J. - Fletcher, T. - Boffetta, P.
Welding and Lung Cancer in Central and Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom
Occupation as a welder has been associated with a 25%-40% increase in lung cancer risk. The study included 2,197 male incident lung cancer cases and 2,295 controls from Romania, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and the United Kingdom from 1998 to 2001. In this population, occupational exposure to welding fumes accounted for approximately 4% of lung cancer cases.
In: American Journal of Epidemiology,roč. 175,č. 7,2012,s. 706-714,

Adamec, Vladimír - Bencko, Vladimír - Dufek, Jiří - Jedlička, Jiří
Persistant organic pollutants in transport emissions and health. The Czech Republic experience

In: Epidemiology,roč. 16,č. 5,2005,s. S146-S146,

Anantharaman, D - Marron, M - Lagiou, P - Samoli, E - Ahrens, W - Pohlabeln, H - Slámová, Alena - Schejbalová, Miriam - Merletti, F - Richiardi, L - Kjaerheim, K - Castellsague, X - Agudo, A - Talamini, R - Barzan, L - Macfarlane, TV - Tickle, M - Simonato, L - Canova, C - Conway, DI - McKinney, PA - Thomson, P - Znaor, A - Healy, CM - McCartan, BE - Hashibe, M - Brennan, P - Macfarlane, GJ
Population attributable risk of tobacco and alcohol for upper aerodigestive tract cancer
Tobacco and alcohol are major risk factors for upper aerodigestive tract (UADT) cancer and significant variation is observed in UADT cancer rates across Europe. We have estimated the proportion of UADT cancer burden explained by tobacco and alcohol and how this varies with the incidence rates across Europe, cancer sub-site, gender and age. This should help estimate the minimum residual burden of other risk factors to UADT cancer, including human papillomavirus. We analysed 1981 UADT cancer cases and 1993 controls from the ARCAGE multi-centre study.
In: Oral oncology,roč. 47,č. 8,2011,s. 725-731,

Andreotti, G. - Boffetta, P. - Rosenberg, P.S. - Berndt, S.I. - Karami, S. - Menashe, I. - Yeager, M. - Chanock, S.J. - Zaridze, D. - Matteev, V. - Janout, V. - Kollarova, H. - Bencko, Vladimír - /
Variants in blood pressure genes and the risk of renal cell carcinoma
Authors examined the risk of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and eight genes having a role in blood pressure control. They analyzed 777 incident and histologically confirmed RCC cases and 1035 controls who completed an in-person interview as part of a multi-center, hospital-based case-control study in Central Europe. Findings suggest that certain common genetic variants increase RCC risk among subjects who are hypertensive or overweight.
In: Carcinogenesis,roč. 31,č. 4,2010,s. 614-620,

Báhnhidi, Lázslo - Bencko, Vladimír
Educational needs in Eastern European countries and New Independent States
Educational needs in Eastern European countries and New Independent States
In: Book of abstracts,Kluwer Academic Publishers,Dodrecht,2000,s. 197-200,

Bakke, Jan - Batterman, Stuart - Flatheim, Gaute - Haverinen, Ulla - Holcátová, Ivana - Nathanson, Ted
ISIAQ Review of indoor air quality in hospitals and other health care facilities

International Society for Indoor Air Quality and Climate,2003,

Balbo,S - Hashibe, M - Gundy S., - Brennan P - Canova C ., - Simonato L - Merletti F., - Richiardi L - Agudo A., - Castellsagué X - Znaor A., - Talamini R. - Bencko, Vladimír - Holcátová, Ivana - Wang M.,. - Hecht S.S - Boffetta, P
N-2-Ethyldeoxyguanosine as a Potential Biomarker for Assessing Effects of Alcohol Consumption on DNA
N2-ethyldeoxyguanosine as a potential biomarker for assessing effects of alcohol consumption on DNA.
In: Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention,roč. 17,č. 11,2008,s. 3026-3032,

Bardin-Mikolajczak, A. - Lissowska, J. - Zaridze, D. - Szeszenia-Dabrowska, N. - Rudnai, P. - Fabianova, E. - Mates, D. - Navratilova, M. - Bencko, Vladimír - Janout, Vladimir - /
Occupation and risk of lung cancer in Central and Eastern Europe: the IARC multi-center case-control study
Occupation and risk of lung cancer in Central and Eastern Europe: the IARC multi-center case-control study
clSearch_Advanced_1_11598,16,roč. 18,č. 6,2007,s. 645-654,

Barek, J. - Bencko, Vladimír - Novotný, Jan - Zima, J.
Anti-tumour drugs; destruction; decontamination
In: Praktický lékař,roč. 88,č. 5,2008,s. 255-258,

Barek, Jiří - Fischer, Jiří - Konečná, Barbora - Kratzer, Jiří - Hrušková, Michaela - Navrátil, Tomáš - Novotný, Ladislav - Yosypchuk, Bogdan - Zima, Jiří
Voltammetric determination of cytostatics using silver solid amalgam electrode
Solid silver amalgam electrodes, voltammetry, cytostatics
In: Proceedings,Česká společnost chemická,Praha,2003,s. 16-19,

publications 1 to 10 from 1146
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